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PRESALE 1.5" (38mm) "Supah Snug" Side-Release Buckles

PRESALE 1.5" (38mm) "Supah Snug" Side-Release Buckles

KraftHaus Supply Co.
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Presale listing for *new* supah snug side-release buckles for 1.5" straps or collars. These buckles are not in stock, but are estimated to arrive August/September. 

Will fit up to a 1.5" strap or webbing.

Zinc Alloy plated in 8 signature KraftHaus colors.

If we get enough presale orders, they can be rush shipped and arrive sooner. Tell your friends! If there was ever a good time to share your hardware supplier, this is it!" :)

What makes this buckle different?

  • Tighty-tight-tight. If you loved how easy the other ones were to open, you probably will not love these. Your dog will need to grow thumbs to escape though, and no one's gonna steal the tic-tacs outta your backpack with these babies.*
  • What's that?! Oh, you didn't hear me? That's how quiet these new buckles are. We've inserted a small noise-dampening sponge to help with the jingle.
  • The price. Let's be honest. Springier springs and magic sponges cost money. You will notice a price increase on some sizes and finishes. We don't cut corners here. Please remember that we do offer bulk discounts at checkout, a rewards program to earn $$ off future orders, and Sezzle is a great option to finance your order!

*We're being dramatic, and we are not responsible for escaped dogs and/or stolen tic-tacs.

Presale items are expected to arrive within 12-15 weeks. Please purchase separately from your in-stock items to allow adequate shipping charges for both shipments and so your presale items don't get missed. If an order contains presale and stock items, we will cancel the order and politely request that you place 2 separate orders. 

Please note: Lead times are just an estimate. Circumstances beyond our control may lead to product being delayed sometimes 2 weeks or more, so please be aware of this when purchasing. We always do our best to expedite shipping, but quality is our #1 concern.